To Benefit the Needs of the Chinese People: Roger Sherman Greene's Scientific, Medical and Educational Mission in China (1914-1935)

Jan 01, 2012 | by
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From 2009 to 2011, I participated in the Peking Union Medical College's (PUMC) history, file protection and research project funded by the China Medical Board (CMB). A survey of old PUMC (1906 -1951) English files was available, and during the process of reading these valuable historical materials, I found many issues that should be studied regarding the benefits the Rockefeller Foundation (RF) and the CMB had provided the Chinese. Fortunately, from March to June 2012, I was at the Rockefeller Archive Center (RAC) as a Scholar-in-Residence. During this period, I found many files that related to our college, but are missing in the PUMC Archives. The PUMC and RAC collections have their own characteristics, yet complement each other. Hopefully in the future, the union of these historical records can be achieved through a Sino-U.S. joint directory, so that U.S. scholars will not have to cross the ocean to fully examine the history of Sino-U.S. scientific, educational, and cultural exchanges.