The Rockefeller Foundation, Luigi and Mario Einaudi, and the Social Sciences in Italy (1926-1969)

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The transnational character of the social sciences resides in their ability to offer spaces of socialization through the construction of international networks and the promotion of scientific policies of international exchange. The Rockefeller Foundation (RF) embodied this transnational quality. Its program of grants and fellowships supported the institutionalization of the social sciences in the European academic context during the 1920s and 1930s. The RF's objective for the social sciences was to export a specific method of research based on (a) an experimental rather than a theoretical approach, (b) the rationalization of departments and laboratories, (c) intellectual cooperation, and (d) scientific specialization. While the RF conducted the program with considerable success in France, the presence of the Fascist dictatorship in Italy caused it to encounter difficulties there