The Rockefeller Foundation and Agriculture in Peru

Jan 01, 2002 | by
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In January 2002 I visited the Rockefeller Archive Center for the second time. Two years previously, I conducted doctoral research there having spent eighteen months doing anthropological research on agricultural development and indigenous knowledge in the Southern Peruvian highlands. The latest trip was intended to gather more data for a book on Peruvian rural development, highland culture, and power. Rockefeller Foundation (RF) involvement in Latin America comprises part of the historical section for this work, which is mainly concerned with the contemporary plethora of agricultural development non-governmental organizations in the Andean region, and their, impacts upon indigenous populations. The development models deployed by these NGOs are generally derivatives of the "green revolution" which can be traced further back to U.S. philanthropy in Latin America. Mine was a successful visit, finding much information that had been missed the first time. I would like to extend my gratitude to the Center in general for its generous support, and to all the staff there who helped me out. This report is a story of the RF's agricultural and scientific undertakings in Latin America, particularly Peru, in the postwar period.