The Ford Foundation and the Reinforcement of Democracy in Cold War Europe, 1950-69

Jan 01, 2013 | by
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My study of the Ford Foundation's efforts toward establishing peaceful relations between East and West and toward the strengthening of democracy in Europe is part of an extended research project titled "Cultural Diplomacy and the Reinforcement of Democracy in Cold War Europe, 1945-1969." It attempts to investigate American cultural and educational policy in Europe during the Cold War and the broad impact that foreign exchange programs have had on the process of furthering the values of democracy and civil society in select Western and Eastern European countries. I intend to evaluate the degree of cohesion between US foreign policy and the international activity of private foundations, identifying any possible connections between them in the enhancement of democracy in Europe. It is of highest significance to determine whether these efforts were parallel and complementary, separate and independent, or even in conflict or competition.