Sociology at the New School for Social Research: An Intellectual and Pedagogical History

Jan 01, 2009 | by
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The research conducted at the Rockefeller Archive Centre (RAC) is part of a project on the history of sociology at the New School for Social Research. In the troubled period leading up to the Second World War, finance provided by grants from the Rockefeller Foundation (RF) played an important part in the development of the Graduate Faculty at the New School. Numerous documents produced during this period are held at the RAC. They provide a fascinating insight into the itineraries of the individual refugee scholars who came to work at the New School. We learn about the difficulties linked to their rescue; the actions undertaken in face of these circumstances and the choices made in the attempt to make the best use of the limited funds available. RF grants also helped to support research projects carried out under the auspices of the New School which were designed to further an understanding of the situation in Germany before the war and of the mechanisms involved in wartime propaganda. The ultimate aim of this research was to promote peace.