Rockefeller and the Origins of Agribusiness in Brazil

Jan 01, 2014 | by
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In the fall of 2013, with the help of a Rockefeller Archive Center grant-in-aid, I examined, selected and photographed over 3,500 pages of documents related to my theme from more than 15 record groups in seven of the center's collections (see attachment). Assisted by archivist Nancy Adgent, who has been fundamental to this project since my initial RAC contact in 2012, I was able to work through an even larger body of evidence that proved to be less relevant but no less important to consult. In fact, this research trip only strengthened impressions about the elemental role of agriculture in the Rockefeller relationship to Latin America, whether the emphasis was commercial, philanthropic, personal or diplomatic. Generally speaking, the agriculture theme revealed profound connections among these overlapping aspects of the Rockefeller approach to the region as represented in the Brazilian case.