Population Control and Local Elites in the "Third World": the Family Planning Program in Postcolonial South Korea

Jan 01, 2014 | by
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The international campaign of population control has become a subject of historical study, as fertility rates have been declining in most areas in the world (Connelly 2003: 122). According to many researchers, population control programs were directly influenced by the international order, especially during the Cold War (Finkle and Crane 1975; Donaldson 1990; Luke and Watkins 2002; Connelly 2003, 2008, 2009). Population control to reduce the fertility rate spread to developing countries (Barrett and Tsui 1999), which had just been decolonized. It was Alfred Sauvy, a demographer and France's representative on the UN Population Commission, who coined the term "Third World" in 1952 (Connelly 2009: 474- 475).