Nelson A. Rockefeller: U.S. Art Museums and Diplomacy Before, During, and After World War II

Jan 01, 2016 | by
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World War II and the early Cold War brought the federal government and U.S. art museums together in new ways, readjusted the definition and status of art in America, and created a new kind of representational diplomacy involving the promotion of "national art exhibitions" that articulated the position of US cultural leadership in the world. This is the working thesis for my forthcoming dissertation "Re-designing the World: American Art Museums and Mid-Century Global Diplomacy." During the summer of 2016 I was privileged to spend four weeks at the Rockefeller Archive Center (RAC) in the Grant-In-Aid Program, working on an important piece of my dissertation that would focus on Nelson A. Rockefeller and his contributions to uniting American art museums and the U.S. federal government through the medium of national art exhibitions as a tool of diplomacy and goodwill.