Honor Thy Father and Mother: Old Age in a New America, 1945-1965

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I received a Rockefeller Archive Center (RAC) Grant-in-Aid to complete the research for the second and fourth chapters of my dissertation entitled, "Honor They Father and Mother: Old Age in a New America, 1945-1965." The first chapter, "From Pastoral Care to Health Care: Defining and Solving the Problem of Old Age," looks at how social scientists in the late 1950s conceptualized the problem of old age. The second chapter, "Federal Dollars and Senior Citizens," examines how politicians, such as Nelson A. Rockefeller (NAR), attempted to alleviate the hardships of old age through policy. The documents I found in the Social Science Research Council (SSRC) Archives and the Nelson A. Rockefeller Papers will provide much of the content for these two parts of my thesis.