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The Rockefeller Foundation's (RF) Commission for the Prevention of Tuberculosis in France (CPTF) was established in 1917 and included the RF's first involvement with the training of nurses. During the first few years of the war the RF had formed a War Relief Commission and provided aid to Belgium, Serbia and Poland, as well as other war-ravaged countries, as a result of their continued study of conditions in Europe. Upon the U.S.'s entry into the war, and the formation of the War Council under the American Red Cross, the RF withdrew its War Relief Commission and merged its resources with the Red Cross. One of the areas in most need of help was that of tuberculosis prevention in France. After careful study of this field by Dr. Hermann Biggs, New York State Commissioner of Health, and at the invitation of French authorities, the International Health Board (IHB) of the RF formed the Commission for the Prevention of Tuberculosis in France. The work of the Commission included establishing centers for the training of tuberculosis workers and visiting nurses.