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I visited the Rockefeller Archive Center on November 3-7, 2003 to look at the diaries and papers of Dr. John B. Grant. Grant was affiliated with the Rockefeller Foundation for over forty years; his life and work therefore refract and reflect many of the prevailing public health concerns and ideologies during the first half of the 20th century. Because Grant considered his experiences in Pitt County, North Carolina as crucial to his development, I was particularly interested in examining the materials related to this tour of duty. I was also interested in reading about his work in China and Czechoslovakia. The former has been covered by other researchers, including John Bowers (Western Medicine in a Chinese Palace) and Mary Brown Bullock (An American Transplant: the Rockefeller Foundation and Peking Union Medical College); the latter was much briefer (and hence less documented) than anticipated. This report will therefore focus primarily on Grant's involvement In North Carolina.