A Small Oasis in a Large Intellectual Desert: Debates over Rockefeller Foundation Funding to Revolutionary Bolivia

Jan 01, 2009 | by
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The Bolivian National Revolution of 1952 that brought the Movimiento Nacionalista Revolucionario (National Revolutionary Movement, MNR) to power attempted profound social, economic, and political transformations of Bolivian society. Most accounts of the revolution's impact stress nationalization of the mining industry, agrarian reform, and the implementation of universal suffrage as part of the MNR's project to modernize Bolivia economically and politically. My project builds on the insights of these analyses and examines the cultural impacts of the MNR's modernization campaign on the nation's sizable indigenous population. It provides a unique interpretation of the Bolivian Revolution by using government-sponsored rural public health campaigns as a lens for analyzing the racial, class, and gendered interactions of the indigenous population with the revolutionary state.