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Rockefeller Archive Center Research Reports are created by recipients of research travel stipends and by many others who have conducted research at the RAC. The reports demonstrate the breadth of the RAC's archival holdings, particularly in the study of philanthropy and its effects. Read more about the history of philanthropy at Also, see the RAC Bibliography of Scholarship, a comprehensive online database of publications citing RAC archival collections.
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A Tale of Two (Nursing) Schools: Sofia and Zagreb through the Rockefeller Foundation’s Lens

January 28, 2020

This paper addresses the following set of questions: What constituted the "nursing question" in Bulgaria and the "nursing situation" in interwar Yugoslavia? What comparisons could be made about those two cases? What were the other international organizations involved in nursing education and how did they compete/collaborate with the RF? How did the development of nursing training in Europe, sponsored by the RF, intertwine with various administrative reorganizations within the RF?

Hostilities against Malaria: The Rockefeller Foundation in Bulgaria

January 1, 2012

The disastrous defeats suffered in the Second Balkan War (June 29, 1913-August 10, 1913), and especially, in the First World War, left Bulgaria with a series of unresolved social, political, and economic issues. In the aftermath of WW I and following, the abdication of King Ferdinand I in favor of his son Boris III, the failed process of national unification, combined with the harsh requirements established by the Neuilly-sur-Seine peace treaty, in November 1919, produced a traumatic impact on a country that was experiencing a crucial soul-searching moment in its history. Amid growing social discontent, the political election held in 1919 sanctioned the triumph of the parties that had firmly opposed Bulgaria's entry into WW I on the Central Powers side: the Bulgarian Agrarian National Union (BANU) and the Bulgarian Communist Party.

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