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Rockefeller Archive Center Research Reports are created by recipients of research travel stipends and by many others who have conducted research at the RAC. The reports demonstrate the breadth of the RAC's archival holdings, particularly in the study of philanthropy and its effects. Read more about the history of philanthropy at Also, see the RAC Bibliography of Scholarship, a comprehensive online database of publications citing RAC archival collections.
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The Transnationalization of the Urban "Question" in Post War Latin America

January 1, 2009

During the 1950s, the increasing urban problems associated with rising poverty, insufficient urban infrastructure, the alarming housing shortages, and the ignominious presence of squatter settlements in Latin American cities became an object of substantial concern to a number of different actors at the local, national, and transnational level. In response to the rapid population growth and unprecedented rural-to-urban migration that swelled in the region, social theorists, public policymakers, urban planners, politicians, and philanthropic organizations throughout the Americas asked how the postwar Latin American city might house a burgeoning population.

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